Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Falling for the Villain -- MY KONTRABIDA GIRL Movie Review


In a society where Cinderella stories and characters prevail, trying a different route is a real risk to take. But this is the route that GMA Films bravely took through its newest offering MY KONTRABIDA GIRL starring Rhian Ramos and Aljur Abrenica. And from what I witnessed during its press screening, the audience fell in love with the film's "villain".  :)

MY KONTRABIDA GIRL tells the story of a premier kontrabida in Philippine television Isabel Reyes (Rhian Ramos) who traces the root of her "evil persona" from her bad childhood experience caused by his friend Chris Bernal (Aljur Abrenica).  And with Isabel slowly losing the grip of her character, she went on a mission to get back at her enemies and ruin their lives!

MY KONTRABIDA GIRL is somehow not our usual Pinoy romantic comedy movie.  The story is new and refreshing and does not take the usual route of poor Cinderella girl falling in love with her Prince Charming.  Isabel from the very start is a bida-kontrabida (hero-villain) that spread evil on earth and the people around her! :)  But as she delivers her fierce lines and shocking stunts (slaps, throwing of water etc.), everyone can't help but laugh!  The lines are very catchy, funny and easy to remember and Filipino movie goers will definitely get hooked with it.

This film makes Rhian Ramos the comeback girl of 2012!  She was very effective in this movie and a lot fell in love with her character.  Starting from her opening scene (as an adult), she has captured what the character wants to convey and what the audience wants to see in such role - spice, cattiness and fun!  :) 

Aljur Abrenica on the other hand was able to deliver his role as a naive townsman yet charming enough to make every woman fall for him.   Whether intentional or not, he was able to make the people laugh at his adventures and misadventures.

There are two outstanding scene stealers in the film.  First is Charice Solomon who was very outrageous in her role as Isabel's PA.  Then next is no less than the Kontrabida Queen of Philippines Movies herself, Ms. Bella Flores!  She portrayed herself but oh goodness, she just rocks the theater every time she comes out of the screen!  Oh I missed to mention the unforgettable special appearances of GMA's emerging stars and our country's kontradivas este kontrabidas hehe.  Their scenes brought the house down!  :D

I also like how the movie pays tribute to the film's characters actors or actresses.  In fact this is what also Bella Flores appreciates in the movie.  See related story here:  Bella Flores on My Kontrabida Girl.

However I have a few minor comments in the film like the sudden up of the musical scoring in the montage scene.  The themesong is so beautiful but its loud entry was a little bit surprising.  With right timing and volume, it could add more romance in the said scene. There are also some scene s (2 to 3 I think) that were noticeably not cut well.  I love the story but I just wished the scriptwriter could have kept one approach, whether he will go the outrageous way with a spice of heart pinching moments or go the realistic route flavored with comedy.  The first will allow the film to avoid the logic for realism (make it acceptable) while the latter will allow the story to deal with serious emotions.  But as I see it, it's a mix of both that's why transitioning from a laughing moment to a real serious problem is quite difficult.  Both Rhian and Aljur are effective in this movie but there is just one scene that I think they had a hard time crying, it's towards the end, just towards the end, of the rain scene.   

Since the setting of the movie is in Palawan, I think showing the province's tourist spots will be advantageous for the film (and vice versa).  And in the awards night scene of the movie, it could be better if the setting is set-up in a way such event is really staged (btw, Kuya Germs also rocks in that scene haha); and if one of the characters could have done a more creative yet realistic way to get the attention of the other one during that part.  Lastly, TV villains Jean Garcia and Princess Punzalan could be great addition to the stars who did cameo roles in the movie.  :)

But above all, I see a big promise in MY KONTRABIDA GIRL.  I commend GMA Films for banking on a good concept / story  and a new pair (not a  love team) for this film.  I really do hope that the Filipino audience gets matured already on this love team thing.  The movie is witty and funny, it has lots of "kilig" moments and it's totally entertaining!  If you ask me, I will definitely recommend this movie to my family and friends.

Aljur is more than ready to be among GMA's bankable leading men and Rhian rebounded well making her one of the most sought after leading ladies of the network. 

By the way, I also thought that this movie could also match well Marian Rivera (because of her fierce yet lovable character) or Glaiza de Castro (who can follow the footsteps of our kontradivas hehe). And, as I suggested  to GMA, uploading Bella Flores' instructional video on Youtube would also be a great idea!  :)

From a scale of 1 to 10 claps, I'm giving MY KONTRABIDA GIRL a big 7 with powerful kontrabida lines!  :)  The movie is showing in all theaters nationwide starting March 14!  :)

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